Passage Rocks Generation Cabernet 2020 (6 Bottles) Waiheke Island

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I have to talk to you about Cabernet Sauvignon 2020! (our Generation Cabernet 2020)

I posted this image at harvest in 2020, the grapes arrived bang on the arrival of Covid to New Zealand, it was an incredibly emotional time for everyone, for us were entering a new phase where our oldest Son Johnny had decided to take a gap year to learn about what we do at Passage Rock, turns out we all had a gap year, anyhow the most delicious Cabernet Sauvignon grapes arrived on this day in March and they tasted like the most incredible grapes I have had, punchy sweet aromatic, thick skins and tiny berries. physics dictates 25% reduction in diameter of the berries massively increases the skin to juice ratio (sorry I cant work this one out) but i guess some of you can.

Anyway due to these immaculate grapes and these incredible circumstances we have created a new wine. The Generation Cabernet 2020. This Gap Year caused by Covid meant we had multiple inter generational bubbles working at Passage Rock looking after our vineyards property and wine, it was a place of no inter mingling, no shared equipment and always a 2 meter separation. it was a beautiful time of families sticking together to hold it together and we are incredibly proud of the magic that happened as a result.

The Generation Cabernet is unapologetic-ally concentrated, Rich, dark, intense,smooth and intriguing, I believe this is possibly the best wine we will ever release from Passage Rock, and we dont care if it takes a generation to sell it either as its made to last and will really only come around once in a generation.



About Passage Rocks Wines

In 1993 we (David and Veronika Evans-Gander) after our extensive Search of New Zealand set out to create a sustainable wine lifestyle in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand.

Our intentions were always to be respectful of the land and to make a Beautiful Wine Story expressing the land, the seasons, the people and the grapes to make excellent wine for all to enjoy.

Our first plantings were Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, we have since refined this and planted 8 varieties on our land, our biggest claim to fame has come from Syrah, which has over time won some 8 trophies and 15 gold medals in New Zealand and international wine shows. Our Syrah is recognised as a Super Classic Wine From Michael Cooper New Zealands most published wine Writer and we have many 5 Star ratings for most of our Varieties Grown

With time , we have gotten to deeply understand our land, and the seasons that we get on Waiheke Island, and how to make the best wines from it, combined with a deep passion for excellent wines, we have produced consistently outstanding vintages . We take great pride in this as does everyone who works there.

2020 has brought joys and challenges to the operation with lockdown creating a vineyard bubble of two families. Luke Stout’s vineyard management family harvested grapes while the winery family bubble Evans-Gander processed the grapes to wine. The season was very kind to us for winemaking and the results are nothing short of excellent.

We have created a natural place to relax and feel at ease. Here you can enjoy the beauty of this elemental environment and feel the power of the land and vineyards. Our new building means you can enjoy this no matter what the weather brings.

Site-specific sculptures and artworks crafted by Veronika will help deepen the relationship between our guests and the land.


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