Urlar The Mediator Pinot Noir 2020 (12 Bottles) Wairarapa

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Light ruby-red colour with some depth and pale purple hues on the edge. The nose is softly full and gently voluminous with moderate depth of dark-red cherry and berry fruit entwined with a subtle amalgam of nutty oak, dark herbs and suggestions of whole bunch stalk perfumes, unfolding nuances of red florals. Medium-bodied the fruit flavours of dark-red cherry and berry fruit are light and entwined with subtle spice notes, hints of liquorice, dark herbs and floral elements. The flavours are up-front and uncomplicated and flow smoothly, underlined by light, fine-grained tannins and integrated acidity. The flavours recede a little as the wine carries to a light, easy finish. This is an elegant dark-red cherry and berry fruited Pinot Noir with soft notes of spice and herbs on a smooth, supple, easy palate.



About Urlar wines

Economic and environmental sustainability are our driving principals. These practices are about giving life back to the soil and managing the vineyard as a balanced sustainable unit. This includes organic practices such as recycling through composts and liquid manures and increasing plant bio diversity.

Using the biodynamic farming and gardening calendar, the rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognized and worked where possible. This commitment has been recognised and rewarded recently when we won the Hills Harvest and Gallagher Innovation Awards.

The result is beautiful, clean, true wines that have not impacted negatively on the soil as they have been crafted.

Our wine collection reflects the nature of our environment and includes harmonious aromatics; Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Pinot Gris and vibrant Pinot Noir.

Our 31-hectare single vineyard is located on ancient free-draining soils and our inter-row crop rotation maintains healthy soils full of life and biodiversity. Our seven year crop rotation maintains healthy soils and vines. Every seven years, one row in seven will be planted in a variety of plants and wild flowers. These flowers, such as buckwheat, lupins, stinging nettles, dandelions and yarrow provide crucial protection to the vineyard as they attract beneficial insects that will kill off unwanted pests and predators that can destroy the vines, leaves or roots.


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