Māwhitipana Ridge Syrah 2021 (6 Bottles) Waiheke Island



The 2021 Māwhitipana Estate Syrah had a run as dreamy as its origins, a single vineyard in a sunny, hidden valley with a glimpse of the sea. Handcrafted by two families that live on the land as kaitiaki (guardians), this season was long, calm and dry. A hot summer with little rain produced low yields with highly concentrated grapes. The settled harvest period allowed ideal picking conditions.

A classic, full bodied Syrah, the 2021 Mawhitipana Estate has vivacious dark berry aromas, and lively hints of pepper and cherry to finish. Enjoy young or come back to it in one to two years to discover the full potential of this wine. A limited vintage with only 148 cases produced.



About Māwhitipana Ridge Estate Wines

Māwhitipana Ridge Estate is an oasis of vines planted on a sloping, sunny valley. It is a glance of the sea and hidden countryside, a view to escape in, offering wine that evokes this experience.

As one of the original Māori names on Waiheke, Māwhitipana’s true meaning also lies relatively hidden. One suggestion is that Māwhiti refers to ‘escape’ or ‘glance’. Pana likley refers to ‘force’ but another consideration is the ‘tea tree berry’ from the native Mānuka this land was thick with. Māwhitipana is the original name for the bay neighbouring our Estate, more commonly known as Palm Beach (named as such in the 1920’s).

How do you pronounce Māwhitipana?
ā — the macron over the ā denotes a long vowel sound — Mā is ‘Maa’, wh — is pronounced like an ‘f’ — whiti is ‘fiti’. Maa – fiti – pana

Māwhitipana Ridge Estate was rediscovered as ‘Little Wing’ in 2014 by previous owners, Gillian and Gareth MacLachlan. It was a near abandoned vineyard in a steep sunny valley, almost hidden under the ridgeline, above the sea at Māwhitipana Bay. The MacLachlans set to work resurrecting the site and replanting vines, carefully considering the density, slope, heavy clay soil and aspect. They were passionate about Syrah and Marsanne, planting both. This remains unique and the vineyard is still the biggest producer of Marsanne on the Island.

As Mātawhitipana Ridge Estate, we set out to continue and enhance the legacy of the Estate, respecting the land and site with as little intervention as possible. We aim to restore the terrior; the viticulture and original ecosystems.

Our philosophy and values are a nod to the past and the future as we commit to a legacy that restores this special part of the island. We strive to live with – and on – the land.


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