Man O’ War Holystone Noble Pinot Gris 2019 (375ml) (6 Bottles) Waiheke Island (Copy)

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Holystone Pinot gris is gorgeously perfumed with apricot and citrus notes and is obviously sweet but perfectly balanced with plenty of acidity and age worthiness however it is completely decadent and research has shown that one bottle is never enough…



About Man O’ War Wines

The ambition for these wines is to develop the level of quality seen in their respective old-world counterparts. Regal right-bank Bordeaux, Syrah of Hermitage, white Burgundy, and grower Champagne. Whilst we like to taste and compare with these great regions, we’re working every year to further develop on our true individual expression of Man O’ War

With demand often exceeding supply for our limited-production Kulta wines, the Kulta Family was created to ensure our most loyal supporters ‘the Family’, receive an allocation of wines prior to release to our mailing list and international markets.

Kulta Family release, November each year.


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