Loveblock Gewurztraminer 2021 (6 Bottles) Marlborough

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The grapes for this wine were sourced entirely from our family-owned Hillside vineyard in Lower Dashwood, where the elevated and windy location challenges the vines.

Dependent on vigour, the vines were cane pruned to either one or two canes and trained to vertical shoot position. The cool spring of 2020 significantly reduced the crop, dropping yields down to 2.5 tonnes per hectare.

Both the number and size of the berries were impacted, meaning that there was good skin to juice ratio, giving the final wine a more intense flavour. Due to the low yields, the Gewurztraminer grapes were picked all in one go in March 2021.



About Loveblock Wines

At first I fell in love with the view. You can almost see the end of the earth from up there, but it is really only the hills behind Wellington on the horizon across the Cook Strait in New Zealand. It is the “quiet” and the feeling of space and air filling your lungs I fully love. The aura of peace and time.

Back in 2004, this was a wild piece of land, untamed and hidden from the world. We, Kim and I, have both been working in the wine industry for most of our lives and wondered what we could do with this wildness: how would the unique terroir translate to flavours in wine? Can we make wine that is elegant, restrained and complex? Wine that speaks of its place and a season.

Here in New Zealand land is precious; the economy largely depends on agriculture. As grape growers and wine farmers, we are custodians of this land. We must take care of it, restore soil balance and fertility without commercial fertilisers and chemical protection. We have learnt that the rhythm of the land is immovable, that we need to submit to it and respect it to get the best from it.

We want to make the best wine we can, wine that speaks with the voice of naked terroir. To do this I hired the best winemaker I know. Let me show you around Loveblock and introduce you to our people


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