Lake Chalice ‘The Falcon’ Lighter Sauvignon Blanc 2021 (6 Bottles) Marlborough

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To experience the taste, try to imagine a different time and place. Remember being a kid in the summer holidays and running around outside all day, riding bikes and mum saying “be home by dinner”.

The fragrant aromas of tropical fruit and fresh citrus with crushed herbs. A bright palate brimming with flavours of gooseberry, lemonade and lime zest. This wine may be lighter in alcohol, but this has not hindered its tropical flavour intensity or complexity.



About Lake Chalice Wines

Lake Chalice Wines is one of the few remaining privately and locally owned wine companies in New Zealand. Proudly owned by the Ibbotson family and located in the country’s premier wine-growing region Marlborough the winery prides itself in exceptional quality from grape to glass.

To ensure the diverse microclimates and terroir of the Marlborough valley are translated into all of our wines, winemaker Chloe Gabrielsen takes a boutique approach, independently fermenting unique parcels of fruit from single vineyards. This combined with the biodiversity of our three unique vineyard sites, is the formula that retains the quality and reputation of Lake Chalice Wines globally.

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