Fat Bastard Pinot Noir 2021 (6 Bottles) Argentina

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While we wouldn’t go so far as fat, this unadulterated expression of Pinot is a juicy, medium bodied offering. Given a bit of breathing room, a certain plumpness unfolds with its ripe raspberry and dense dark cherry fruits. This, combined with its lip smacking cranberry juice-like acidity, fine tannins and hint of smoky spice makes this Pinot incredibly more-ish.

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As always – DUCK?! What else would you eat with your Fat Bastard.



About Fat Bastard Wines

Go big or go home. Fat Bastard is all about big, bold, beautiful juice. That’s why the fruit is sourced from the best regions around the world renowned for the fullest flavour of each variety. You know exactly what you’re getting in every bottle. Dinner is never dull with a Fat Bastard at the table


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