Carmen Premier 1850 Carménère 2022 (12 Bottles) Chile

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Carménère is a representative wine of this emblematic variety of Chile, aromatically dominated by red and black fruits and spices. On the palate the silkiness of its tannins and depth make it very easy to drink and at the same time very versatile to pair a great diversity of foods.



About Carmen Wines

Viña Carmen is the First Chilean Winery, established in 1850 in honor to the founder´s wife. It has a focus on Ultra Premium brands thanks to its quality, prestige and enological tradition, and stays up-to-date with constant innovations, always at the avantgarde and inviting reinvention.

In 1993 Carmen Gold Reserve was launched, one of the first Chilean Icon wines, becoming a referent for Cabernet Sauvignon.
In 1994 Carménère, Chile´s signature variety, was rediscovered in its vineyards and in 1996 was the first winery to create and sell a Carménère wine, under the brand Carmen Gran Reserva. Carmen Gran Reserva is the most classic range, with more than 12 varieties, all single vineyards and state grown. Each variety represents the greatest expression of the best terroirs in Chile, selected over the years for our wine experience.

Consistent and Historically Award Winning wines: Has won over 180 times +90 points in multiple international competitions, since its origins in 2005. Carmen Premier pays tribute to the First Chilean Winery, vineyard of heritage, tradition and constant reinvention. Estate grown and bottled, young, fruity and aromatic, with vegan certification.


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