Baltasar Gracián Garnacha 2021 (6 Bottles) Spain

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Baltasar Gracián is the main range of the winery. High altitude vineyards, different orientations and exceptional slate and gravel soils, which, together with the antiquity of its traditional, bush vines, produce grapes harvests of exceptional quality.

Its bright red cherry colour with purple hints on the edges anticipates its fruitiness and balance.

Rich in sensations with aromas of cherry, plum and red fruits.

Round and full-bodied.



About Baltasar Gracián Wines

A project that began with the enthusiasm and effort of a group of restless winegrowers who decided to value their lands, their vineyards and their wine. Today this dream has become the benchmark winery for the Calatayud DO and the Grenache universe.

An extreme land, of contrasts, of uncertain landscapes, that you have to know how to listen to… and understand”

A land that we carry in our hearts, that we care for, that our parents, our grandparents and their parents took care of. Of leaves swayed by the breeze and the wind, of twisted trunks, of centuries-old vines. Arid, rocky and thirsty for effort. Of great diversity of soils, white limestone on the plain, reddish clay in the mountains, or slate on the slopes.

We work with tenacity, with enthusiasm, every harvest, every vintage, to make wines that inspire and delight consumers around the world”

We love what we do. We like to innovate, discover, work on details… We are explorers of new paths, we always walk with our eyes wide open. We seal with our identity, with the personality of our mother earth, with who we are, with what makes us different, each of our wines, in each bottle.

Proud of his land and the tenacity of his people, a poet of impossible lines. Of sun and rock, of wind and snow. From his seasoned hands, the precious grapes will emerge. “

Bodegas San Alejandro is a large family made up of 150 winegrowers, the true architects of our existence and key pieces in our team.


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