Babich Chardonnay “Irongate” 2014 (6 Bottles) Marlborough

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We have been producing Babich Irongate Chardonnay since 1985 and it has evolved into this richly flavoured, balanced and elegant wine.

The vines from this now-famous Gimblett Gravels ‘Irongate’ Hawke’s Bay vineyard are selected at pruning, and crop levels are closely monitored to ensure excellent flavour concentration in the Mendoza grapes.



A long history of looking ahead. From our diverse vineyards to your table, our wines offer a direct connection to New Zealand, the beautiful country we
call home. The love of our craft, doing things by hand, caring for our land and all ingredients of our slow, careful process in an ever-changing, always-on world.

People thought Josip Babich was crazy back in 1912. Planting vines in remote New Zealand, then patiently making wine the difficult way – with vision, thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and true craft. That hard- working spirit is something that still runs deep in our veins today; and we’ll keep ‘paying it forward’ for as long as we exist.

Babich Wines 100 years from Babich Wines Ltd on Vimeo.

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