Nanny Goat Chardonnay 2021 (6 Bottles) Central Otago, New Zealand

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On the nose, lovely aromas of tangerine, grapefruit zest and white florals are complemented by subtle notes of buttered brioche toast and wet river stones.

The palate is generous and textural up front before giving way to a seam of classic bright acidity that brings focus to a core of juicy grapefruit, yellow plum, orange zest and subtly toasted oak. A clean dry finish ensures this wine is suitable for pairing with a range of cuisines.



About Nanny Goat Wines

An impromptu trek to a restaurant nestled high above the picturesque town of Queenstown in late 2004 was to provide the inspiration behind the name Nanny Goat Vineyard. Heading off to take in some breath-taking scenery, good food and of course some great Central Otago Pinot Noir, what was supposed to be a relaxing stroll quickly transformed into an arduous, unplanned deviation as the gentle terrain quickly transformed, leaving all concerned to navigate some rather perilous ground. A lighthearted comment likening the group to a herd of Nanny Goats struck a chord and would go on to become the inspiration behind the name.

‘Nanny Goat Vineyard’ seemed to perfectly encapsulate our determination to succeed, adapt and thrive in the rugged and often extreme climates of Central Otago; much like the nimble and sure-footed wild goats of the region have done before us. From our inception and the inaugural release of our Pinot Noir in 2005, Nanny Goat Vineyard has strived to produce wines with elegance, concentration and balance whilst allowing each individual parcel of fruit to tell its unique story.

Nestled within a timeless and sensual landscape, Nanny Goat Estate Vineyard sits between 270m and 290m above sea level spread across two ancient, North East facing terraces. This is a region of climatic extremes with typically very hot summers, short autumns and bitterly cold winter days. Challenging conditions for producing world-class cool climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Successive periods of glaciation and recession, followed by erosion by Mata Au / Clutha River have shaped the Nanny Goat Estate landscape by creating distinct terraces of alluvial soils that are pastiche of loess, gravel, schist and mineral quartz. Generations of farming and the associated cultivation of lucerne and other feed crops have added organic matter to the wind blowen loessial topsoil providing us with a nice balance between vine vigor and free draining attributes.

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