Dicey Bannockburn Chardonnay 2020 (6 Bottles) Bannockburn, Central Otago

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The Dicey Bannockburn Chardonnay is a complex wine with beautiful aromas and flavours. It has a lovely mix of aromas and flavours from the citrus spectrum (lemon and grapefruit), reflecting the cold conditions, as well as from the malolactic fermentation (brioche), and some subtle hints of melon, due to the long ripening, as 2020 was an incredibly cold year.

The cold conditions allowed the acidity levels to remain high, resulting in an incredible sense of freshness and vibrancy in the wine. If you’ve never tried one of the Dicey wines before, this is a great place to start.



About Dicey Wines

Wine is about place. Dicey is a place that is a rocky pocket of Central Otago: Bannockburn. It’s not easy to make wine here. Hoar frosts. Wind. Bitter cold and crackling heat. The land is unforgiving and the wines express that struggle.

The fruit comes from three vineyards started by three families transcending two generations. James and Odelle have The Inlet. Matt and Ali belong to Black Rabbit. Their pioneering parents, Robin and Margi, own their Swansong.

Our vineyards are named Swansong, Black Rabbit, and Inlet. Swansong is steep — the vines clawing their way along terraces of eroded gravel and clay. Black Rabbit sits on ancient bedrock, vines nestled into windblown soil. Inlet’s vines drape over a terrace of deep river gravel. We coax the best out of these reluctant soils by striving for balance.

Dicey Bannockburn wines pay homage. They tell the annual story of the region and share the colours of each season. The Single Vineyard wines have an even sharper focus.

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